August 14, 2015

14/08/2015: 3rd Global Milling Conference: Maximising quality production through milling technology

Addressing food quality and production while protecting the environment

Meeting the food and feed security needs of nine billion people by 2050 will again form the basis of this one-day annual event which has moved from Chennai in 2013 and Bangalore in 2014 to Hyderabad, an important and more accessible produce and market for grain milling for food and feed.

Hosted jointly by Assocom-India, Telengana Flour Millers’ Association and Milling and Grain magazine, this event looks at bringing key participants as either speakers or delegates to review the Indian milling industry - flour, rice, feed and grains - from a milling processing point-of-view. 

India with its one-billion-plus population will be a major user of milled products and a leading country in total milled grains in the decades ahead and will lead the region in technological advancements. Milling in India will benefit from the adoption of modern milling practices and processes which this conference aims to highlight.

The conference is being supported by national and international organisations and industry associations to make it a great success.  The day's deliberations will review India's grain production, global supply and demand for feed and food in the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Opening & Keynote presentations
  • Session 2: Food and Feed for Globe – 'Feeding 9 billion by 2050'
  • Session 3: Value of Quality for Sustainability
  • Sessions 4: Milling Developments 2 - Panel Discussions.
  • Valedictory Session 5: The way ahead: 'Adopting quality control programs & regulations'
The organisers hope the deliberations will be fruitful and that a number of key recommendations will emerge to be considered by governments and industry alike to maximise quality production through milling technology.

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