August 14, 2015

14/08/2015: Dinnissen Process Technology’s new DIMAX 200 bag emptier remains effective under extremely difficult conditions

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new Extra Robust bag emptier that continues to function effectively even under the most extreme and difficult conditions. The bag emptier is a new version of Dinnissen’s classic Dima 200 and was specially developed to handle bags of up to 75 kg of varying size and material. It also has an increased throughput capacity and is more versatile.

Fully automatic bag emptier for use under very extreme conditions
Installations used for emptying bags often encounter problems if they are subjected to extreme loads for longer periods of time. As companies need to continue operating efficiently and without problems even under such conditions, Dinnissen has developed a new DIMAX 200 bag emptier that can continue to handle 75 kg bags of varying sizes and materials quickly and efficiently. All the components of the new DIMAX 200 that have to withstand extreme loads are built to extreme specifications, including the feed-in platform that can handle an increased throughput of even heavier bags. 

The feed-in opening with a vertical clearance of 26 cm is also larger than in the classic version of the Dima 200, allowing for the problem-free input of extra-large bags. In the new model, the pivot point, arms, and pressure boosters have all been further upgraded and strengthened to ensure a better grip on the bags. The cylinders, dampers, drive mechanism, and bearings are also built to withstand heavier loads. As a result, the extra robust DIMAX 200 is much more powerful and can continue to operate problem-free and without any extra maintenance being required even under the most extreme and difficult conditions.
Contamination-free design and optimum accessibility for maintenance
Dinnissen’s new DIMAX 200 bag emptier also features improved access to the knife for cutting open the bags, so that the knives can be replaced more quickly and safely. The inside is finished with a special Viwateq® Finishing coating that is extremely smooth and easy to clean. In combination with Dinnissen’s fully automated cleaning-in-place concept based on airflow and suction, this ensures that the DIMAX 200 can be cleaned easily and effectively and prevents contamination. 

An ultrafine version of the bag emptier is also available especially for situations in which it is essential to prevent the release of even the smallest quantity of particles during the emptying process. This version comes with a double filter with powerful suction and a special dust-tight seal for the air exhaust, thereby ensuring that the quantity of particles released is minimised to less than 0.1 mg per m³ of material processed or less than one part per 10 billion.

More information
Depending upon the specific situation, the new DIMAX 200 can handle between 1 and 200 bags per hour and is suitable for use within the feed, food, chemicals, and pharma sectors. More information about the robust DIMAX 200 is available at the Dinnissen stand D111 at the Easy Fairs Solids in Rotterdam and at the Dinnissen stand on the Holland Paviljon at the Schüttgut fair in Dortmund this coming fall. 

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