August 12, 2015

12/08/2015: Global Stats: Feed

First published in Milling and Grain, May 2015

Although China was once again the leading producer of feed with 183 million tons manufactured in the official estimate of more than 9500 feed mills, this is the second year of decline in its production. The country experienced a notable 4 percent decline from last year’s numbers. Some analysts contribute this downturn to a slow hog market and bird flu that suppressed consumer demand. India, on the other hand, had a considerable increase in feed production, up to 29.4 million tons (a 10 percent increase over 2013), owing mainly to favorable weather conditions and consistently-improving farming methods and technology. 

The United States and Brazil ranked second and third respectively, with 172 million tons from 6718 feed mills and 66 million tons from 1698 feed mills. When grouped into regions, Africa and Latin America saw the greatest growth in 2014. Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East all showed a slight incline. Several individual countries can be highlighted as bright spots of growth and development. Among them were Turkey, Indonesia, Romania, Tunisia and Bolivia, all of which experienced their second consecutive year of significant increase in feed production.

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