August 21, 2015

21/08/2015: Nobacithin 50: fat product with extra nutritional benefits

by Catharina Nieuwenhuizen, Nutritional & Technical Support Manager, Noba Vital Lipids

First published in Milling and Grain, May 2015

Lecithin is beneficial when fed to young animals, pigs and poultry. Nobacithin 50, a special product which contains soya lecithin, was developed by Noba more than a decade ago. In this article we explain the benefits of lecithin and, more specifically, of Nobacithin 50. 

Lecithin in general

Lecithin is a fat-like substance which can be produced from soyabean, rape or sunflower oil. After degumming the oil, the lecithin is extracted from the gum and then cleaned. Lecithin is a complex mixture of at least 60 percent phospholipids; the other constituents are triglycerides, phosphatidic acid, choline, tocopherols, etc. Lecithin has a positive effect on several metabolic processes, because phospholipids play an important role in such processes. The main effect of lecithin is that it works as an emulsifier .
This means that lecithin makes it possible to mix oil and water together . Lecithin plays a role in the splitting and absorption of fat. So the use of lecithin leads to an increase in fat splitting, fat absorpti on and fat digestion. This results in more energy being available and thus it improves the technical performance of the animals.

Nobacithin 50
Nobacithin 50 is a special product which contains soya lecithin and was developed by Noba more than a decade ago. It is a product with nutritional benefits. Due to the lecithin in Nobacithin 50, the product works as an emulsifier which helps to digest the fat in feed, especially when Nobacithin 50 is used in combination with long-chain saturated fatty acids, like C16:0 or C18:0 from palm oil or animal fat.

Nobacithin 50 is a good replacer for soy oil. Besides the nutritional benefits of Nobacithin 50, the product is always cheaper than soy oil. Nobacithin 50 is suitable for poultry, pigs, dairy cows and cattle. It is well suited for young animals, because Nobacithin is highly digestible. 

Proven result
Recently we finished a trial with broilers with different combinations of Nobacithin, together with poultry fat. The aim of the trial was to test if Nobacithin performs as well as soy oil. The results of this trial have shown that Nobacithin is as good as soy oil. It confirmed the results of our trial of several years ago and it confirmed our practical experience.

In this recent trial we also saw the emulsifying effect of Nobacithin, in the group where we combined Nobacithin with a linoleic fat blend. Nobacithin helps to digest difficult to digest fat, like C16:0 or C18:0. Summarising: with the use of Nobacithin the same technical performance can be achieved as with soy oil, but Nobacithin is cheaper than soy oil.

About Noba
Noba Vital Lipids is a leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high-energy fat products for the animal feed industries, servicing greater Europe. Our strengths are rooted in more than 60 years of experience alongside our high standards of quality, which are fulfilled at every step of the production process. Noba is deeply committed to ensuring meticulous care and product safety during raw material selection and processing, as well as in the final product. The result is the unbeatable quality found in each and every NOBA product.

Noba partners with leading research universities and animal feed testing centres to conduct basic nutritional research and in-depth feed trials. We focus on nutrients, not just ingredients. Our proprietary technology allows us to deliver optimal nutritional value and consistency in every batch we produce. We deliver throughout Europe with maximum flexibility and reliability, even at short notice. At our premises in The Netherlands, Germany and Austria we have a tank storage capacity of over 100,000 tonnes. These capacities and the provision of a large fleet of modern tankers guarantee punctual and flexible delivery to our clients.        

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