August 13, 2015

13/08/2015: FAMSUN's Beiruikang Food Machinery Project

FAMSUN's Beiruikang Food Machinery Project, started on June 9, 2014, is an auxiliary project to install protein powder mixing equipment with a capacity of 100kg per batch. The project is supported by MPJH0.2 food mixers, mobile dust-free feeding tanks and vertical packing machines, all of which are manufactured by FAMSUN's subsidiary, Food Machinery Co, Ltd. The packing machines used in the project exhibit the following features:
  1. Automatic deviation rectifying: the high precision former ensures there is no deviation of the tensioned membrane. The former, with the help of an automatic rectifying function, ensures against deviation of vertical sealing during unattended operations.
  2. Horizontal sealing is driven by a servo system with membrane material supply. The speed and the sealing pressure can be adjusted via a touch screen. The vertical seal will be automatically ejected (50 mm away from the former) so that the bag will not wrinkle due to heat.
  3. The packing machine is equipped with a character-coding printer featuring flexible printing positions and clear printing. (Videojet thermal transfer printer is suggested.)
  4. The machine can open from three sides, with its electrical box unscrewing easily, for ease of maintenance.
  5. The tensioned membrane is driven by the dual-servo motor and the drive belt with its vacuum absorption can prevent the membrane slipping and increase the service life of the belt; the error detection encoder is added to detect any slipping and sound an alarm to avoid broken bags owing to a stuck membrane.
  6. The self-locking airshaft prevents the roll membrane touching the ground and becoming contaminated.
  7. The machine features a stable electrical system. It is composed of Mitsubishi PLC and Panasonic servo systems, Schneider electrical components, Pepperl sensors and a Festo electron magnetic valve.
Food Machinery Engineering Co, Ltd. is an immediate subsidiary of FAMSUN. It is an integrated service provider specialising in design, manufacture, installation and debugging services for processing and packaging projects ranging from dairy products to condiments and sauces.

The business scope of Food Machinery Engineering Co, Ltd. includes: 

  1. Sterilisation of dairy products, mixing and packaging of ingredients 
  2. Cleanup of raw materials for condiments, crushing and mixing of ingredients
  3. Manufacturing and processing of rice noodles and extruded rice noodles, etc
In the future the company will concentrate on raw materials handling, distribution, batch mixing and packaging of dairy products, condiments, extruded rice noodles and breakfast cereals. Based on packaging operations, the company will expand its business from soft-bag packaging into canned production lines and robot production lines.

Visit the FAMSUN site HERE.

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