November 06, 2015

06/11/2015: Certainty at last: Storage stability of flavonoids confirmed by long-term study

The Dr Eckel health product line uses highly effective and unique plant compounds. The raw materials undergo an extremely careful selection process because the quality of value-adding ingredients is crucial to the later effectiveness of the products. The differences in quality between phytogenic products available on the market are immense. The decisive factor in the selection of raw materials is the certainty that the greatest care has been taken during harvesting or pre-processing.

Excellent quality as a prerequisite for the desired effect
Flavonoids that come from inferior quality sources do not always live up to their promises. After being stored for several months or after being processed in a feed mill, their effectiveness can often no longer be guaranteed to be stable. The user is disappointed because the plant-based active substances do not achieve the desired effect.

The claim and promise to users make it necessary not only to record the initial contents of value-adding plant substances, but also to carry out more detailed investigations into their durability under different influences during storage.

Proven: Flavonoids are stable in phytogenic products by Dr Eckel
As part of a comprehensive long-term study, Dr Eckel has provided impressive evidence of the storage stability of the secondary plant compounds used based on the example of flavonoids in hops and green tea. These specifically selected raw materials, along with other components, are also key components in the Anta®Phyt and Anta®Ox products. To guarantee reliable effectiveness and product quality, extensive studies were carried out to investigate and rule out possible negative factors that affect their stability.

Research focused on the effects of storage time, light and packaging type on the stability of flavonoids in hops and green tea extract. To do this, relevant product samples were stored in different ways. The samples were stored in differently sealed bags under varied lighting conditions. The respective samples were analysed at intervals of three months for a total period of 13 months.

During storage of hop-based products an increase in the value-adding flavonoid content was detected. This increase in the flavonoid level compared with the initial reading is due to the fact that some of the flavonoids are present in bound form. Only after a certain period of storage they are released and can now be measured. The results are much higher than the values guaranteed in the product specification and therefore ensure an extremely high level of effectiveness (figure 1).

The flavonoids in the selected green tea extract used by Dr Eckel (figure 2) demonstrated only a slight decrease during the observation period of 13 months. In all trials and during the whole storage period, active ingredients were determined that are above the values guaranteed by Dr Eckel GmbH.

As the quality and effectiveness of raw plant materials can vary enormously according to variety, origin, post-harvest treatment and processing, components from other suppliers require separate investigation.

In summary, the product quality of the raw materials used in the Dr Eckel health product line is outstanding even after a 13-month storage period with exposure to light and in different types of packaging. The studies that produced the results presented here were funded by the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) as part of a programme to promote innovation.

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