November 19, 2015

19/11/2015: Mycotoxins and other hazards controlled by the use of FSP

by Els van der Boon, Program Manager Feed Support Products, GMP+

First published in Milling and Grain, August 2015 

Safe feed and food starts with secure risk management. For this, GMP+ International offers their knowledge and information through the Feed Support Products (FSP). The Feed Support Products are intended to support all future GMP+ certified companies with setting up their company-specific HACCP system. The responsibility for use and implementation remains with the GMP+ certified companies, the Feed Support Products can offer support in this process. The FSP is also intended as a reference for the auditors within the framework of GMP+ certification.

The following products are a part of FSP: 
Fact Sheets - The fact sheets show background details regarding the hazards and the (explanation of the) severity of the risk to animals and humans. The content of the fact sheets is as follows: Nature, history and prevalence; Transmission to the environment, plants, animals and humans; Diagnose of poisoning; Potential hazards and adverse effects; Severity of the hazard; Standards; Analysis methods and Control measures. The company when undergoing a specific risk analyses can use the information. Fact sheets are available for several mycotoxins and other undesirable substances (hazards) in the Risk Assessments and for processing aids.

Generic Risk Assessments - This section of FSP contains about 200 risk assessments of feed materials for Foodproducing animals (including goats, poultry, cattle, sheep and pigs, but also horses and rabbits). Farmed fish will be included. The risk assessments in the FSP database are of a generic nature and represent a worst-case scenario. The risk assessment gives information about a production process and the resulting possible hazards.

Product list - This list gives a short summary of all products available. There are about 600 products on the list that may be used as a feed material in the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.

Product standards - Standards with maximum permitted levels have been issued by legislation and by GMP+ International for many hazards in order to be able to determine if a feed material is safe. All the standards are a part of the GMP+ FC scheme, GMP+ BA1 Product Standards. Also the standards for mycotoxins are included.    

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