November 19, 2015

19/11/2015: BinMaster: Accurate volume measurement in meals, flours & pellets
A sensor measuring only one point in a bin with irregular topography is a bit like roulette when it comes to accuracy. Excessive dust and the location of a single measurement point make volume estimations a gamble with single-point devices.

The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner measures and maps multiple points across the material surface, making volume accuracy a better bet in bins containing meals, flours, or pellets that tend to pile randomly. Acoustic-based technology operating at low frequencies penetrates high levels of dust that can interfere with the operation of other types of devices.

An M or MV scanner provides very high accuracy in bins up to 45' in diameter. For bigger bins, multiple scanners can be installed as an MVL system which synchronises the data from all scanners into a highly accurate volume estimate. The MV and MVL models also give you a 3D visual of the topography of the bin.

Your maintenance crew will find the scanner a sure bet when it comes to service. A Teflon horn resists buildup of clingy dust. Plus there is no need for an air purge to keep it clean and operational. MultiVision software makes it easy to monitor inventory for all bins across your location.

BinMaster has seven years of experience and over 2000 installations of 3D scanner technology in North America. Being in the Agbelt ourselves for over 50 years, we understand the challenges of your operations and the value of personalised customer service. 

Visit the BinMaster site HERE.

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