November 11, 2015

11/11/2015: SCAFCO Grain Systems goes to school
A renewable fuel project
This is the Heyburn Elementary School in St Maries, Idaho, USA. The silo is a SCAFCO Grain Systems model 1203HBT. The school maintenance director reports that the silo is used to store wood pellets for a biomass boiler. The maximum capacity is in the range of 29 MT.

The wood pellets are received in bulk via a 20 MT walking floor trailer. The wood pellets are transferred into the silo utilising an inclined grain auger with a capacity in the range of 20 MT/hr. Pellet usage is in the range of 80-100 MT per year. 

Helping heat a hospital
With a little help from SCAFCO Grain Systems, an Oregon State USA hospital is saving on their energy costs.

They replaced one of their oil fired boilers with an economical wood pellet fueled boiler. The pellets that feed the boiler are stored in a SCAFCO Grain Systems hopper bottom silo.

Since the installation of the economically and environmentally friendly upgrade, the hospital's heating costs have been cut by two thirds.

Meet the SCAFCO Grain systems staff
D Dutta, known as 'Dutta' to his friends, colleagues, and customers, is a citizen of the Republic of India and resides in New Delhi. Mr Dutta has joined SCAFCO Grain Systems as Regional Sales Manager for Southeast Asia. Mr Dutta grew up in Calcutta, went away to college at North Maharastra University where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical) and then settled in New Delhi to begin his career in the field of grain storage and handling equipment engineering, sales, and marketing with several international companies. During over eight years in this field, Mr Dutta has been responsible for executing projects on several continents. In carrying out support for customers in the field, Mr Dutta has traveled to over 17 countries.

When not pursuing customer projects, Mr Dutta enjoys spending time with his wife who is a market researcher, and their four month old son. Mr Dutta is an avid ping-pong player who also finds time to read, go on long drives, swim, listen to music, and hang out with his friends.
(Photos by Jason Warren) 

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