November 16, 2015

16/11/2015: DeutscheBack at FIE 2015
At Food Ingredients Europe 2015 (Stand 6 F29), DeutscheBack GmbH & Co KG will present innovative product series for optimising the production of baked goods. This year, the company will focus on demonstrating how the baking industry and artisan bakeries can respond to the current raw material and market trends. 

With TopSweet EggReplacer, TopBake Fresh and TopBake Gluten Enhancer, the emphasis is on novel solutions for replacing egg products in pastry goods or achieving a longer shelf life, and also on alternatives to vital wheat gluten.

At FIE, DeutscheBack will show how the effects of eggs in baking can be achieved by using customized solutions from the TopSweet EggReplacer series. There is currently a strong demand for alternatives to egg, because the outbreak of fowl pest in the USA this year has led to a dramatic shortage of egg products on the world market and therefore higher prices. 

Since it is not possible to simulate the many properties of egg with a single raw material, the bakery experts from Ahrensburg demonstrate in Paris how solutions can be adjusted to meet customers’ specific needs. With the wide TopSweet EggReplacer range, an economical and high-quality replacement for eggs can be found for applications such as plain cake, whipped sponge products and yeast doughs.
Consumers regard freshness as a quality attribute of bakery products. But for the trade and the away-from-home market it is necessary for financial and logistic reasons to prolong the shelf life of the goods as far as possible. Moreover, prolonging the edibility of foods can reduce waste. In order to meet these requirements, DeutscheBack shows manufacturers of bakery products how to prolong the shelf life of their goods with the TopBake Fresh series. 

In order to do so, the bakery experts will arrive in Paris with a range of anti-staling products to meet the requirements of a wide variety of baked goods. The products to be seen are TopBake Fresh 15, an all-rounder for keeping baked goods fresh; TopBake Fresh XL3 for wheat products; TopBake Simply Fresh specially for sandwich loaves and toast bread, and the baking concentrate TopBake Premium Sandwich XL.

In addition, the company will show a development of its TopBake Gluten Enhancer. A new combination of raw materials makes the alternative to vital wheat gluten more economical. The weaker the gluten in the flour, or the smaller the proportion of gluten the flour contains, the greater is the detrimental effect on the stability of the dough and the baked volume. 

In many recipes, use of this enzyme compound can make it possible to reduce the amount of expensive vital gluten added or even do without it completely. In the case of TopBake Gluten Enhancer, one-tenth of the usual amount of gluten necessary is sufficient to achieve equivalent results in the baked goods. The Gluten Enhancer ensures better results and at the same time attractive costs for raw materials, logistics and storage.
Image: Susanne Nilsson
You will find DeutscheBack on Stand 6 F29 at FIE 2015 at the Paris Exhibition Centre, 1-3 December 2015. 

Read more about the company HERE.  

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