November 13, 2015

13/11/2015: NOAH speaks at RUMA/VMD Conference – Responsible Use: Ideas Into Action
Dawn Howard, Chief Executive of the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH)
NOAH is investing in its Compendium to ensure veterinary medicines information is more accessible and easy to use, to support responsible use,” said Chief Executive of the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), Dawn Howard.

She was speaking on 3 November at the joint conference hosted by the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) together with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) on the responsible use of medicines in animals.

“The whole theme of the conference is ‘Ideas into Action’ and NOAH’s data sheet Compendium, with over 2500 visits a day, is an essential tool already active in supporting responsible prescribing and use,” Mrs Howard said.

“Our Compendium book, sent free of charge to each veterinary practice and with a special AMTRA-commissioned SQP edition, remains a go-to source to support prescribing decisions.”

“NOAH’s latest investment, to link the website information to a mobile app, will be launching shortly. This will give additional easy and fast ‘off-line’ access to up-to-date veterinary medicines information. For example it will be even easier to check dose rate and indications for use and will help with food chain compliance requirements such as withdrawal periods.”

“NOAH, as a member of the RUMA Alliance, is delighted to be involved with the RUMA/VMD conference. This shows that industry and government, working together, can help vets and farmers use medicines responsibly, an important step in minimising the development of antibiotic resistance.” she added. 

John FitzGerald, RUMA General Secretary, said “there has been much mention of responsible medicine use in both human and animal sectors and this One Health Conference aims to take this a stage further by investigating how we can turn “Ideas into Action”".
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