April 04, 2018

05/04/2018: Rebirth of legendary Henry Simon milling in Australia

by Craig Doorey, Director, Satake Australia Pty Ltd

Satake Australia is proud of its history, which came from pioneers of flour milling engineers namely Henry Simon and Thomas Robinson

Henry Simon
Image credit: Satake
Over the last two decades our local sales in flour milling have dwindled due to the very competitive international market. In 2015, the worldwide announcement of collaboration between Satake and Alapala brought us a great step forward. Subsequently the announcement last year of bringing back the trusted brand ‘Henry Simon’ through the strategic partnership of the two famed companies has given our presence in the region a gigantic boost.

Today, we are delighted to announce the re-birth of 125 years old tradition - Henry Simon at Australia’s premier milling conference, PIX/AMC in June 2018 at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition centre, Queensland. Now we can hold our heads up high and announce with confidence that we are back. Back to where our roots began with the establishment of Henry Simon (Australia) 125 years ago. Back to being able to offer our customers the best equipment and the best solutions!

Henry Simon (1835 – 1899) was born in Poland and immigrated to Manchester, England in 1860. He was a successful engineer in non-flour milling fields, and became more involved in designing flour milling machinery; especially the replacement of stone mills with roller mills, which culminated with him forming Henry Simon Ltd. in 1878. In a short period of time many mills in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and numerous countries had changed from stone mills to Henry Simon rollers mills. The business continued successfully for over 100 years, but folded by the late 1980s. In England and Australia, key staff from Henry Simon’s joined with Thomas Robinsons; another famous milling company, and that business in 1992 was purchased by Satake.

Image credit: Satake

The establishment of this strategic partnership brings together the elite of both Satake & Alapala and our aim is to be best in the world through a strong commitment to R&D, technical back up and our global aftersales support. Henry Simon equipment is manufactured in many places around the world including in a purpose built state-of-the-art facility next door to Alapala in Çorum, Turkey.

Our innovative designed HS-Roller Mill allows for roll packs change in 20 minutes without a need of a lifting device. It is also equipped with multiple sensors across for optimum and longer performance with pre-alarms aiming to avoid breakdown maintenance.

The feed box level sensor, vibration sensor, main roll rotation sensor, pneumatic actuator position sensor, pneumatic air pressure sensor, feed roll rotation sensor, belt temperature sensor, clogging sensor and main grinding roll thermography sensor comes standard with the HS Roller Mill. On top of all the above, the user-friendly touch screen allows easy operation and change speed in seconds. The touch screen also shows Motor power consumption and any active alarms. All the above is also available in a stainless-steel product contact parts which provides extra hygiene. This model will be exhibited at PIX/AMC 2018.

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