April 12, 2018

13/04/2018: Electronic sorters secure gluten-free grains

by Cimbria, Denmark

In recent years, the demand for Cimbria SEA electronic sorters for gluten-free grains has increased

Due to the growing number of people suffering from gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, the gluten-free industry is becoming increasingly important on a global scale as use of electronic sorting machines in the cleaning process guarantees healthy products.

Gluten-free products have a tolerance close to zero, which is why grains need to be processed to separate any grain containing gluten. Even the most sophisticated mechanical cleaners cannot ensure the separation of all the grains with gluten, which may be very similar in terms of weight, dimension and shape.

Full-Colour technology is nowadays applied in the gluten-free industry and SEA CHROMEX has become increasingly popular in the modern cleaning process. After the pre-cleaning process, grains are checked by our ‘Full-Colour’ sorters in order to separate the gluten grains.

This challenging application leads us to utilise the latest inspection devices, combined with the most sophisticated software to assure the highest efficiency and performance in the separation. The basic version of SEA CHROMEX makes use of Full-Colour RGB 4096-pixel cameras that ensure the highest optical resolution in the market of 0.06 mm. The combination of real Full-Colour technology with infrared cameras (NIR and InGaAs) and shape-sizing systems optimise the separation of gluten grains and other foreign bodies.

The set-up of SEA CHROMEX is realised through photographic acquisition, comparing a grain to a user-defined accept or reject, identifying it as a real defect or as an accepted element. For this challenging application, it is extremely important to create multiple filters through the HSI (hue, saturation, intensity) and shape-sizing systems to identify all the smallest colour and shape differences.

For this purpose, the EXAGON graphic interface allows user-friendly programming of the SEA CHROMEX, with the chance to use the sorting recipe on multiple sorting units and to acquire real-time statistics.

SEA CHROMEX is one of the few electronic sorters on the market that can recognise similar grains of different nature, such as distinguishing an oat from a barley grain. This can be done with extremely high efficiency when real RGB Full-Colour technology is combined with InGaAs and, if necessary, NIR vision systems.

Many gluten-free producers already know that SEA CHROMEX is the ideal solution to guarantee the highest purity of final products to meet the strictest food hygiene and health requirements. Our customers in Italy, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany, US, Canada and in many other countries already benefit from SEA CHROMEX, producing results representing the highest purity and food-safety of the final products.

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