April 23, 2018

24/04/2018: Phytogenic feed supplements: Natural breeding is the goal

by Fabián Alberto Jijón Tinoco, Species Manager Aquaculture, Dostofarm, Germany

In shrimp or fish farming, the topic of sustainability is omnipresent. Antibiotics and growth promoters can no longer be an option for optimal health management with regards to animal nutrition. Natural phytogenic feed supplements such as oregano are a viable alternative. We concentrate solely on aroma premixes and feed supplements made of pure natural oregano oil and are known as the market leader in this sector.

Shrimp and fish farming are gaining in importance, since the demand for seafood from aquaculture is rising. Challenges in this sector not only include new production technologies and special animal nutrition, but also optimal health management. The latter is particularly relevant in view of the occurrence of new viral diseases in shrimp farming, such as the white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) or bacterial diseases like acute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome (AHPND).

Image credit: DOSTOFARM

Phytogenic feed supplements
Phytogenic feed supplements are used with all livestock species and domestic animals to stabilise the gastrointestinal tract and to promote the immune status. Oregano's antibacterial mode of action is also interesting for the aquaculture industry. The phytogenic additive can be mixed in directly at the compound feed factory or added directly to the feed at the farm.

Our goal is to achieve health-stabilising and performance-enhancing effects. Using the example of shrimp breeding, Dosto-oregano can naturally increase the survival rate and growth of the animals, as shown by current trials in Ecuador.

Feed supplements and their use in aquaculture operations is a huge topic worldwide. Through regulation of the use of antibiotics and growth promoters in the animal feed, alternatives must be found for the farms. Natural breeding with high profitability is the goal, both in the organic sector and for conventional breeding.

Strengthening of the animal's immune system is the central factor of testing. Thanks to the improved gastrointestinal health of the animals, they are more resistant to bacterial diseases and are able to overcome them better. We did not observe any side effects. Based on our positive experiences, the same can be expected for other animal species.

Can you use kitchen oregano?
Using kitchen oregano would not deliver the desired results. The same can be assumed for nature-identical oregano. Dostofarm stands for consistent high quality of our products, which we guarantee thanks to exclusive contract farming and a continuously controlled process chain, from seeding to processing. The constituents of the essential oil are standardised, so we can always ensure constant quality. Moreover, we are extensively certified. This is the requirement for success with livestock owners.

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