April 08, 2018

09/04/2018: The Avant-Garde research centre

by Eloisa Martino, Communications Manager, Ocrim, Italy

Providing industry wide opportunities through a campus, high level training, events and conferences – commissioned by Bonifiche Ferraresi and Ocrim

Even defining it, as an “avant-garde research centre” does not do it justice, as it is a bona fide container of ideas and proposals, a place where ideas are exchanged, research is conducted and discoveries are made, unifying and making different sectors and competencies work together.

What ideal leads various Italian businesses to rally together for the common good?

The desire to join their energy and best resources for the culture of Italian excellence. The centre was conceived, designed and built to create a unique synergy between various minds and businesses, which are, in their own right, unique containers of specialised, targeted, and circumscribed competencies, which, when made to work together, create an actual hub of consulting, training, internship, a positively versatile hub for every need.

First project of its kind in Italy
Bonifiche Ferraresi and Ocrim have fully involved, in every aspect, institutional agencies such as ISMEA (Institute of Services for the Agri Food Market) and CNR (National research Council), Ghigi, for the pasta industry, ENEL, for power, the Universities of Parma, Bologna and Florence and Universit√† Cattolica, for high level training, in order to offer the hub true independence and to bring a never-before-seen “plan” to completion in Italy.

Various competencies were included in a single research hub, equipped with a large and futuristic auditorium, a mill, fields designed as outdoor areas for precision farming for empirical and cutting-edge training and a campus to stay at, offering participants the possibility of combining training and interpersonal experience, a campus that brings people together, catering to and encouraging on-going exchange.

From as early as the beginning of this year, international events, conferences and debates were organised, with the aim of popularising, creating rapport, providing information and training, especially on agri-food-related themes and the use of advanced technology within the sector, with the presence and the intellectual contribution of the economic and political world.

Of these many initiatives, the “Zootecnia 4.0 (Animal Husbandry 4.0)” conference held on October 5, 2017, received particular acclaim, with the participation of Health Minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, and the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Maurizio Martina, in addition to figures and experts from the scientific-technological and agri-food sector.

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