April 08, 2018

SCE company profile

An important task

The demand for food is becoming bigger and bigger with an increasing global population, which is why companies will have to produce more efficiently and effectively. SCE wishes to help companies with this. By designing silos that take up little space and are quick to assemble in any production unit. That is why food and feed producers around the world also count on their know-how. Their engineers have given their fullest attention to all cooperation and have done so for over 25 years. This has allowed them, since 1988, to collect sufficient experience to successfully complete each and every project.

Just what you are counting on
A perfect operational production machine also requires a perfect operational silo. That is why every effort from their team focuses on durable quality. From the drawing table to production, delivery and assembly, etc., they work according the strictest quality and hygiene standards every step of the way. Even better: even though it is required to meet the strict 'EN 1090-2' standards from June 2014, they have been delivering products with this quality label since 2012.

Results by a personal approach
In the past 25 years, SCE has grown from a family company into an international player. Nevertheless, they have always remained independent. Moreover, they made a conscious decision to limit the size of their teams so they can always work with their clients in a direct manner. By freeing time for sufficient discussions and meetings, end clients and machine manufacturers can seamlessly integrate their silos into their production unit upon completion.

Thinking ahead
If you integrate a silo building into a machine, then you expect it to last just as long as the company itself. That is why SCE delivers silo components from the best materials and all with a focus on durability. Furthermore, their silos are very easy to maintain which limits the costs of use, to last for the entire shelf-life of the project and not be a cause for down-time at any point of its operation.

Construction is assembly

Steel construction components are prefabricated in construction workshops. At the construction site, the activities are limited to joining the turnkey components. This saves time, money, construction waste and inconvenience for the surroundings. Steel construction components are light-weight and compact, which limits the number of transports to the construction sites as well as the number of investments in transport means and infrastructure facilities. The relatively low weight of the construction also saves on the costs for foundations.

Safety at every level
By cooperating with the biggest producers, they encounter the strictest safety standards. This means they keep raising the bar for themselves, which you can profit from. They safeguard the safety of their and your employees both during the production process and assembly of your silo building. But even afterwards, safety prevails for SCE. Their team provides modular silos that guarantee the quality of your product at any time during storage. Would you like complete insight into their work method? They will draw up a safety manual for you at the start of the project on request.

Safety first - Their values:

1. Working safely
2. Knowledge and experience
3. Respect for people and their culture
4. Passion for perfection and teamwork
5. Looking for solutions inquisitively
6. Their word is their bond

Delivering around the world
Their clients call on them from the whole of Europe, Africa, Asia, North, Central and South America. Nevertheless, they always have short delivery times thanks to extensive project management. Thanks to the design of their silos, they can transport all assembly components in ordinary lorries or shipping containers. Everything is stacked in a logical order so the assembly team can set to work quickly on-site and with a minimum of welding! This means your silo building will be installed quickly by their people or your own under the supervision of an SCE assembly leader.

Efficient in transport

Their silos can be transported very easily by lorry or shipping container. Due to the fact that all components are stacked for transport, all space is used.

Always on time

Their word is their bond, which is why it is very rare that their projects exceed the pre-set deadline. Thanks to extensive project planning and good interaction with their clients, they always succeed in avoiding delays.

Visit the SCE website, HERE.

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