July 29, 2014

29/07/2014: Genome of African rice sequenced

An international team of researchers have sequenced the complete genome of African rice, enabling the development of new rice varieties that are better able to cope with increasing environmental stresses to help solve global hunger issues, report International Business Times today.


The genetic information will also enhance understanding of the growing patterns of African rice.

The effort to sequence the African rice genome was led by Rod Wing, director of the Genomics Institute at the University of Arizona, USA who says
in Science Daily, "Rice feeds half the world, making it the most important food crop.

"Rice will play a key role in helping to solve what we call the nine billion people question." he added, referring to predictions of what the world's population will increase to - many of whom are likely to be living in areas where food is scarce - by 2050.

The question lies in how to grow enough food to feed the world's population and prevent the health, economic and social problems associated with hunger and malnutrition.

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