April 07, 2015

07/04/2015: North of England Flour Millers Association

First published in Milling and Grain, February 2015

http://issuu.com/gfmt/docs/mag1502_w1/68The North of England Flour Millers Association held its February meeting at Monk Fryston Hall Hotel on Friday 6th February 2015, where it drew an excellent attendance of millers and allied traders from across the region.

The meeting was opened by the current Chairman, Matthew Rogers of Hovis Limited, Selby supported by the Secretary and Treasurer, Stephen Brierley, who firstly asked all present to observe a minutes silence in memory of the recently deceased Patrick Donovan, former Chairman and Managing Director of Allied Mills and twice President of the National Association. 

They then dealt with the routine matters of common interest to the members before introducing the keynote speaker, Martin Savage, Trade Policy Manager from The National Association headquarters in London (nabim).

Savage in his informative presentation gave a lucid update on the issues which currently dominate nabim’s efforts on behalf of the British and Irish milling industries.


2014 wheat harvest
The total wheat harvested reached 16.6 million tonnes due to record yields after the favourable weather during the growing period. Regrettably the poorer weather during the actual harvest period resulted in a reduction to 9 percent (from the previous year’s 38) in grain meeting the full breadmaking specification. The premium for breadmaking over feed wheat remained around UK£50 per tonne.

New varieties

Two new Group 1 winter wheat varieties, Skyfall and KWS Trinity which both have Argentinean parentage, are showing higher yields but lower protein levels.

Other current policy issues

Matters discussed included the proposed amendments to the Bread & Flour Regulations, the measurement and control of possible contaminants such as nickel, alkaloids, glyphosates, endocrine disrupters and fungicides as well as mycotoxins, mainly DON, ZON and OTA.

There is a study in progress to ascertain if there is any cause for concern regarding any presence of adventitious soya in wheat, mainly resulting from cross contamination from ship holds and bulk vehicles.

Trials are being made to establish whether electronic passports (e-passports) for parcels of wheat would be practical to implement.  These would replace paper documentation of the history of grain handling and treatment and its mycotoxin levels.

The Red Tractor crop assurance standards are being reviewed and will be re-issued after which the auditing process will be improved.

Finally Savage reminded the group that the Milling Wheat Challenge, a competition to find the best grower of milling wheat, is now in its 6th year and winners have been geographically widely dispersed.

The Chairman wound up the meeting by advising that the annual visit by the National President would be on Thursday March 26th and the AGM would be held on 8th May.

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