May 01, 2015

01/05/2015: PRODUCT FOCUS: MARCH 2015

First published in Milling and Grain, March 2015

In every edition of Milling and Grain, we take a look at the products that will be saving you time and money in the milling process.
TTS-500-H/TTS-500-V table top sealers
Fischbein Saxon - Horizontal and Vertical mounted open mouth polypropylene and polyethylene bag closing devices. They can also both be used on paper bags with a polypropylene or polyethylene inner liner, bags laminated and with gussets. The sealer is designed to be placed onto a work bench or a table. 
It has been designed to be used for a short duration or in very low production runs, where it is not possible to justify purchasing an industrial sealer Saxon. It features an integral conveyor which can take a maximum weight of 10kg. The nominal width of the seal is of 14mm, this can vary according to the possible shrinkage of the bag.

This product was featured at LAMMA 2015 at the Peterborough Arena, UK
Silo Sweep Auger
Guttridge - The introduction of the Sweep Auger to our product range means that we are now able to supply equipment for every aspect of grain handling. As well as the Guttridge range, we manufacture the Carier range of grain handling equipment.  Carier were a well-known, well-respected manufacturer of grain handling equipment in the their own right. 

Guttridge Ltd bought the intellectual property of Carier in 2004 and Guttridge also employs three ex-Carier staff, who are available to help people with Carier conveying equipment with spare and replacement parts.  We recently supplied Carier conveyor spares to a machine that is still running after 40 years!

K-Obial® ULV6
Bayer CropScience - K-Obial® ULV6 is a modern liquid pyrethroid formulation containing deltamethrin, synergised with piperonyl butoxide for the control of a wide variety of stored product insects known to infest grain and pulses. This pyrethroid formulation is an ideal alternative to organophosphate formulations.
Available in two formulations in a single admixture treatment can provide protection for up to 12 months. With unrivalled efficacy against the most common insect pests K-Obial® ULV6 is the product of choice for the treatment of grain storage facilities and as an admixture for longer term grain storage. 
Used as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach K-Obial® ULV6 will provide the highest level of protection for your valuable stored crops. K-Obiol is accepted for use by the Brewing Research International (BRI) and the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim).

D-Topline Hamex Hammer mill

The new D-Topline Hamex Hammer mill with automatic screen changer can handle grinding capacities of up to 45,000 kg per hour, and the screen changer has space for 4 to 6 different sets of screening panels.
The mechatronic screen changing system automatically select and places the appropriate set of screening panels in the hammer mill.

After the production process has been completed, it also removes and stores the screening panels in less than 40 seconds. This makes it possible to change screens extremely quickly and greatly reduces downtime. The D-Topline Hamex Hammer mill features a new and ingenious design, which greatly increases the surface area of the grinding and screening panels.

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