May 06, 2015

06/05/2015: Don't miss your chance to hear esteemed Senior R&D Organic Chemist Dr Claudio Cornaggia
Looking rather miserable there, lads - clearly something's ruffled your feathers (Image: Eddy Van 3000)
Köln's resident population of larks and sparrows will herald the rosy-fingered dawn of Thursday 11 June with an angry twittering of envy. Because they weren't allowed a ticket to the Global Milling with GRAPAS Conference.

But take heart. You are not a lark.

For just 75, you can hear eleven leading experts in their fields speak on a variety of subjects guaranteed to inspire, inform and amuse anyone involved in anything related to the milling industry. One of that number is Dr Claudio Cornaggia.
Dr Cornaggia attended the University of Pavia, Italy where he earned his BSc and MSc in Chemistry following a research period at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.
After a short spell as a Research Assistant in Polymer Chemistry at his Alma Mater, he moved to Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland where he earned a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry. He is the author of a number of publications and a patent in the areas of polymer chemistry, organocatalysis and carbohydrate chemistry.

He is currently employed as the Senior R&D Organic Chemist with Megazyme International under CEO Professor BarryMcCleary who developed the Ceralpha method recognised by: AOAC (Method 2002.01), AACC (Method 22-02.01), ICC (Standard No. 303), RACI (Standard Method), and CCFRA (Flour Testing Working Group Method 0018), along with CODEX approved methods for the measurement of resistant starch (AOAC 2002.02), total starch (AOAC 996.11), β-glucan (AOAC 995.16) and fructo-oligosaccahrides (AOAC 999.03).

Dr Cornaggia will present on 'Novel colourimetric assays for the analysis of alpha-amylase activity in ground wheat samples.'

See the conference agenda and register HERE.

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