November 02, 2015

02/10/2015: DuPont highlights the value of in-feed antibiotic alternatives at AMENA 2015

At a time when the reduction of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) is a key consideration for domestic and import markets, Senior Scientist from the animal nutrition division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Dr YuemingDersjant-Li, unveiled research at AMENA 2015 that shows how feed additives can be used  to achieve similar or greater production value to commonly used AGPs. Her talk, entitled 'A combination of direct fed microbials and multi-enzymes improve nutrients digestibility, gut health, broiler performance and welfare' covered:
  • Why bird gut health is important and the factors involved in achieving /maintaining it.
  • Research that shows the important part that enzymes such as xylanase, amylase and protease, and Bacillus spp probiotics, can play in establishing and maintaining gut integrity.  She will also demonstrate that positive results are amplified when these additives are used in combination, particularly in challenge situations.
  • The economic benefits that Mexican poultry producers can achieve through reducing in-feed antibiotics and introducing enzyme and probiotic combinations.

Ricardo Khatchadourian, Regional Industry Leader for animal nutrition in Latin America, commented, “We hear a lot in the press about large markets such as the US or China managing the challenge of reducing AGPs, but this is also a very real problem for poultry producers in Mexico, too. We face increasing consumer pressure to produce higher quality, safer meat, not only for local consumption, but also for export markets.  Our goal in sharing this research around our award-winning enzyme and probiotic combination is to help our customers achieve improved profitability by meeting these high standards with reduced levels of in-feed antibiotics. ” 

DuPont also supported Dr Ermias Kebreab, Professor of AnimalScience at The University of California, Davis, USA, who spoke on the topic 'Modeling for nutritional requirements of Ca and P in Pigs.' 

Copies of the presentations made by Dr Kebreab and Dr Dersjant-Li are available upon request; please send your details to , stating which presentation/s you want to receive. 

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