November 02, 2015

02/11/2015: Cimbria in Egypt: biggest order in the company’s history
First published in Milling and Grain, July 2015

With a value of around 100 million US dollars, A/S Cimbria has secured the biggest order in the company’s history in connection with the delivery of 23 grain silo plants to Egypt.

The order comprises project design and engineering, calculation of steel structures, supply of conveying equipment, cleaners, laboratory equipment, silos, electronic control units featuring SCADA/PLC, sufficient spare parts for 3 years of operation and delivery to Egypt. The project also includes supervision of the installation of equipment and electrical systems at the 23 facilities.

Following installation, Cimbria will embark on a training programme in which 20 Egyptian employees at each plant will receive instruction in operation and maintenance. Final capacity testing will also be performed prior to handing over the many new plants. Each of the 23 plants has a silo capacity of 60,000 tonnes, including conveying and cleaning facilities with a capacity of 200 tonnes per hour. Total silo capacity will thus amount to 1.38 million tonnes.

Cimbria has negotiated the framework terms and conditions for the 23 plants with the Egyptian authorities, with erection work taking place in close contractual collaboration with various Egyptian construction companies.

Geographically, the locations of the 23 plants stretch from the Mediterranean Sea and Suez all the way down to Aswan, in addition to a plant at an oasis 600 km west of Aswan.

Egypt has a high consumption of grain; it is the world’s biggest importer of wheat and has an annual import of 17 million tonnes of different grain products. Furthermore, local production takes place on 4 percent of Egypt’s rural land, primarily in the Nile Delta and areas along the Nile down to the Sudanese border, corresponding to a total production of 23 million tonnes of a range of different grain products.

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