April 08, 2014

08/04/14: Organic Shortfalls

Grain Silos
Grain Silos (Photo credit: nickweinrauch)
The Landline program investigates issues relating to organic grains.

Whilst organic fruit and veggies seem to be going ahead in leaps and bounds, other crops like wheat, oats and barley are having a tougher time in Australia.


Each year Australia grows tens of millions of tonnes of grain, but just a tiny fraction of that total is organically certified. In the area viewed there are 100,000 acres developed for growing organic grain where a healthy grower group has been developed. Millers and other processors can't get enough local organic grain, so they're having to import organic flour and other products to keep up with demand.

The Wholegrain Milling Company (Gunnedah,NSW) highlighted that they need around 10,000 tonne of grain but that last year only around 35,000 tonne of organic grain was grown nationally.

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