April 14, 2014

14/04/14: Cortical Studios wins top international film award for CLOSTAT™ – a next generation probiotic, explaining Kemin Industries’ active microbial

Kemin is pleased to congratulate the bioinformatics company Cortical Studios for its award-winning film, CLOSTAT™ – a next generation probiotic, at the New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards™ ceremony on April 8 at the annual National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas.
The New York Festivals® International Television & Film Awards™ honors digital communication excellence across the globe. With finalists selected from 36 countries, Cortical Studios took home gold in the instruction and education category and bronze in animation.
Its winning video, produced in partnership with Kemin Industries, communicates the detailed complexity of the company’s highly technical product CLOSTAT.
“Earning a Gold World Medal at this prestigious film festival is a huge achievement,” said Dr. R Chanthirasekaran, Kemin global product manager of CLOSTAT. “We are pleased to congratulate and thank Cortical Studios for their work that allowed us to share the benefits of CLOSTAT, a unique and cutting edge probiotic, with our customers in an easy to understand format.”
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CLOSTAT is an active microbial that works to effectively manage harmful bacteria from the gut to create a balanced microbial ecosystem. CLOSTAT contains a proprietary, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis PB6, isolated by Kemin scientists from the intestine of a healthy chicken. It works in harmony with the animal and does not contribute to antibiotic resistance nor residue issues.
“It is well-known that intestinal integrity and microbial balance are important factors when it comes to an animal’s health, and its ability to reach full genetic potential,” said Dr. Chanthirasekaran. “CLOSTAT is a natural solution and helps producers maximize profits by supplying high quality meat to a protein hungry market.”
International research and its continuous use as a preventative application in the field, indicate that CLOSTAT works effectively to maintain a balanced gastrointestinal tract, reducing intestinal Clostridial disorders while supporting the responsible use of antibiotics.

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