April 30, 2014

30/04/14: Next Generation Grain Dryers - 12' Diameter Tower Series

Mathews Company (M-C) who has led the grain dryer industry in 10’ tower sales for nearly 25 years, announces plans for the “Next Generation” of their 12’ tower grain dryer series. The new series will meet the demand of on-farm and commercial producers for a highly efficient grain dryer that utilizes the latest technologies available.
This new design is based on operational experience that encompasses nearly 25 years in vacuum-cooled tower drying and follows in the success realized by the popular “Next Generation” 10’ Tower redesign. According to company president, Joseph Shulfer, “As in the 10’ tower re-design, the parameters of the dryer, including heat and cool holding bushels, airflow, and burner characteristics, have been revamped to provide the most efficient drying process for current grain varieties being harvested. These tried and true changes have seen tremendous success from end-users over the past two years"
Meeting the market demand for greater production capacities with high drying efficiency, the new models will replace the current series and will include three (3) sizes with capacities ranging from 2,000 bushels per hour up to 2,800 bushels per hour, based on 5-point moisture removal.  Several prototype units will be in operation throughout the entire Midwest during the 2014 harvest season for field testing before full availability is expected in 2015.
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Overall improvements include a completely re-designed airflow and burner system that will yield more efficient operation. In addition, a newly developed proprietary process burner with a cast aluminum manifold and stainless steel mixing plates has been implemented into the design. M-C’s engineering team has modified several key components to simplify field assembly time and increase the overall structural strength of the machine. These modifications allow for quicker modular in-field assembly, bringing installation time down to a couple days versus the previous design which required a week or more.
Headquartered in Crystal Lake, IL (U.S.A), Mathews Company has been a leading global manufacturer of high quality innovative agriculture equipment, specializing in grain drying since 1954 and celebrates 60 years of business in 2014. M-C is committed to “Building for the Future,” striving to provide superior products and unmatched service through innovation, expertise and quality.  M-C dryers are available through authorized dealers worldwide.  The company’s web site is www.mathewscompany.com.
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