April 29, 2014

29/04/14: Latest Products of Zhengchang

Zheng Chang has launched its latest products, SZLH528 Pellet Mill and SPHS218F Extruder. 

"We think the two new machines can help the owner let the production much more efficient than regular ones," says the company in a press statement.

Compared with its traditional pellet mill, the SZLH528 optimizes its paddle’s structure and distribution,which can make materials fully mixed while providing a sufficiently long conditioning time,with better cooking and mixing effects. It adopts a gear-type driving system and achieves a production output that's 15 percent more efficient than belt conveyors. 

The innovative design of the gear box and driving system make the transmission more stable and reliable. Chute structure and automatic discharging system have been improved also. With the mechanism of outer oil lubrication, anti-blockage die holes and pneumatic outer discharge of material, these ensure the equipment works safely and tightly to reach high hygienic levels and be free of leaks. The main shaft temperature alarm system improves the stability of the main drive. 

The gears uses top quality steel, which can make the gear work more than 30,000 hours.

SPHS218F is a machine for producing a variety of high-grade extruded aquaculture feeds, petfoods and sinking fish feed. It is widely used in the following areas: extruding of bullfrog feed, weever feed, shrimp feed and crab feed. It uses a high-precision inverter, feeds more evenly than regular feeders, has high capacity, better stability and easy access. 

User-friendly design for steam and water injection, can detect the flow on-line and add liquid proportionally. The special design of mixing shaft and blade effectively improves maturity level and mixing evenness. It can add up to 30 percent water and steam which can be evenly mixed. High hardness, wear-resistant alloy screws and bushing which greatly improves the service life of quick-wear parts. Constant clearance between cutters ensures the appearance of the machine.

"As a professional supplier of pellet mills and a machine manufacturer, we try to supply our customers the most up-to-date machines and most effective and careful after-sale services," it says.

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