April 10, 2014

10/04/14: 4B wins GRAPAS Asia Award 2014 of 'cloud' safety

Grain and Feed Milling Technology (GFMT) magazine, published by Perendale Publishers Limited, once again sponsoring the GRAPAS Asia Awards for innovation in the cereal milling industries. The winner was announced at the Exhibitors Reception for the GRAPAS Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand last night.

The panel of judges commented that this year's submissions proved to be "An interesting selection of products.

"Although each of the products offered for judging provide benefits and advantages to one or more milling processes, most of the entries were the result of evolutionary improvements and are not in themselves truly revolutionary. We have given weighting to the criteria identified in the entry categories, in particular the benefits to the user  in terms of safety, cost effectiveness and efficiency.

The Winner
by 4B Braime Elevator Components
The judges say: A dust explosion remains one of the most hazardous risks in the milling and related grain handling industries. Dust explosions have been the cause of more injuries and fatalities than any other cause and thus their prevention is of paramount importance for safe and efficient operation of a plant handling grain or powdered material.

The Hazadrmon system takes real time condition monitoring of equipment faults, including those which can be a source of dust explosion ignition, to a new level and promises to lead to higher standards of safety and efficiency. The use of ‘cloud’ technology to store data, provide back-up and ensure off site security of use is a major advance. A highly commended development.

 Grapas winners 4B Braime Elevator Components Ltd of the UK. Konstantin Anissimov electronics sales engineer (right) and Carl Braime group sales director hold the trophy on their stand at Grapas Asia which is colocated with Victam Asia in Bangkok this week.
The Runner-Up - A Highly Commended product
The Combistoner 
by Buhler AG
The judges say: The cleaning of grain prior to milling or other food use is a vitally important function in the grain processing industries to meet ever higher standards and certification  of food purity.

The Combistoner takes well proven concepts to a new level by providing equipment for higher (28t/h), and thus more cost effective, capacities. The recycled air option reduces the need for filtration with consequent further savings in energy as well as providing reduced operating and capital cost.

A Commended product
Super SHG Hydrascrew

by Morillon SAS
The judges say: This product meets the need for a means to discharge bulk materials with poor flow characteristics. These materials are frequently encountered in the milling, and particularly animal feed milling, industries.

The large size of this new Hydrascrew model suits the trend towards bin dimensions of ever greater capacity to provide economies of scale.

The hydraulic drive is an unusual and attractive feature since it is intrinsically safe in a dusty environment and can provide a high starting torque which is desirable in this application.

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