April 30, 2014

30/04/14: Nine reasons to visit Adifo at VIV Europe

'Adifo Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Strong Innovations'

Being successful in ICT for 40 years is not easy.
What is the secret?
Specialising in success-supporting software tools for the feed industry, continuously investing in well-trained staff and focussing on innovation. 

Discover the advantages of cloud computing:
real-time formulation - optimal collaboration with colleagues and customers - working mobile.

Visit our booth 08-D049 and learn all about our recent innovations in feed formulation, quality management and logistic follow-up:  Real-time formulating in the cloud, smart phone apps, risk management, etc. Come and share a glass with us during our happy hour, each afternoon from 15h30 till 16h30.  Here are a few good reasons to  visit us:
  1. You want to make more profit
  2. You want enthusiastic employees and happy customers
  3. You want to give the best ration advice
  4. You want to serve your customers with real-time information
  5. You want to work with up-to-date information at all times
  6. You want to deliver the best quality at the right price
  7. You want one integrated solution for all of the above mentioned goals
  8. You want an experienced partner
  9. You want to learn in a festive atmosphere

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