January 28, 2015

28/01/2015: EAAP gives 'Best Poster Award' to INRA and Adisseo’s researchers

The scientific committee on animal physiology at the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) decided to give the 'best poster award' to Rosa Castellano, for its Research achieved in INRA Rennes under the supervision of Florence Gondret, in a collaborative project between INRA (Marie-Hélène Perruchot, Sophie Tesseraud) and Adisseo (Yves Mercier). The authors received the award during the 65th annual meeting of EAAP in Copenhaguen in 2014.




Their work aimed to understand the effects of methionine supply on adipogenesis and lipid metabolism of pigs. The rewarded poster (1) was focused on the effect methionine levels on adipocytes differentiation and adipose gene expression in vitro. This program allowed a better understanding on how dietary methionine supply can modulate lipid deposition by changing nutrient energy usage towards lipid synthesis and hence explain excessive fat deposition when pigs are fed methionine deficient diets.

"This price rewards the result of an effective collaboration between Adisseo and INRA centres," emphasizes Yves Mercier. 

This work was done in the continuity of a larger program initiated four years ago including Alberto Conde-Aguilera and Jaap Van Milgen on the effect of methionine levels on tissues amino acid composition and the effects on protein synthesis. Detailed information about the consequences on oxidative stress and redox status of pigs will be given at the 47th JRP (Paris, France, 3-4 February 2015).

More information in the Flash eNews n°113 of the « European Federation for Animal Science ».

(1) Effect of sulfur amino acids on porcine preadipocyte differentiation in culture. R. castellano, M.H. Perruchot, F. Mayeur, Y. Mercier, S. Tesseraud, F. Gondret. E.A.A.P Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-29 August 2014.

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