January 22, 2015


One source. One solution. As company mottos go, Lambton Conveyor Limited has hit the mark. A one-stop solution for grain handling operations, Lambton offers grain storage, material handling, and drying and cleaning equipment and continues to expand their line.
The family-owned company will celebrate 50 years this summer and has emerged as an industry leader in a time when mergers and acquisitions are almost the norm. Lambton is one of Canada’s leading manufacturer of grain storage and handling systems.
“We’ve been competing all along but are stepping up to meet increasing customer demands,” says Christian Jordan, vice president of sales and marketing at Lambton.
Ric Depooter, executive vice president, adds, “We’re a sound company. We’ve been in business for 50 years and continually growing, with a recent investment in new facilities, new state of the art manufacturing equipment, new quality control measures, new highly qualified hires, new image, and much more, all to meet our customer demands,” he says.

That hasn’t always been the case. Jordan says the company, in some ways, always has been focused on being a one-source solution, but initially it was only on the grain handling side of the business. But with the changing nature of the industry, Lambton has been forced to expand, and the change has been a very good thing for business.
“I think it’s evolved over time,” explains Jordan. “With all of the acquisitions happening among grain handling equipment suppliers, it’s making more and more sense to become a one-source provider. We’re not an acquisition. We’re just growing organically, and we have been able to say yes to customer demands.”

From Regional to Global
Lambton Conveyor Limited is a privately-held corporation founded in 1979 as a grain storage distributor. Its predecessor firm was a construction company established in 1965 by founder Ray Moorhouse. In the 1980s, Lambton began manufacturing grain handling equipment and developed a full line of chain conveyors and bucket elevators, essentially everything on the grain and bulk handling side of the business.It wasn’t long before Lambton started expanding its reach and manufacturing complete elevator systems, everything from small grain bins to hopper tanks to a complete accessory line.
From there, the company shifted gears, and by the 1990s, Lambton had become “an OEM supplier,” producing equipment for other grain equipment suppliers, which has been a catalyst for the company’s international growth and expansion. 
Today, Lambton provides an ever-expanding line of innovative and practical products, including silos, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, grain cannons, screw conveyors, flow system accessories, bin unloaders, bin dryers, hopper tanks and custom fabrications. Almost all of the equipment produced by Lambton is fabricated using galvanized steel, which ensures a long service life and a low maintenance finish. Most products are also available in stainless steel and painted mild steel upon request depending on the application.

Modular Design Principles
Lambton’s modular design principles allow the flexibility to custom-fit each assembly. It offers a global network of factory-trained field consultants to develop, build, and support grain systems for specific operations.
Jordan notes that many of the company’s distributors and suppliers are located in the United States and that the domestic North American market is a big focus for the company, in addition to its expansion into global markets in recent years.
The company has grown from a regional manufacturer to a global operation, with global network field representatives in more then 25 countries around the world, with a new manufacturing facility of 200,000 square feet headquartered and rooted in the rich southern Ontario farmland of the Great Lakes region. A second manufacturing facility is located in central China. 
“We are fortunate to have great representation worldwide. Even with all of the turmoil going on, we continue to experience growth globally,” says Jordan.
What sets Lambton apart from the competition, he says, is that while the company has expanded representation in domestic and international markets, the company’s reps still treat customers as though they are family and give them the tools they need to succeed. Whether it’s helping to establish or strengthen engineering guidelines, offering assistance with trade shows, or simply being there to support the customer’s needs, Lambton offers a complete package of products to its customer base regardless of where they are located. 
This focus on partnerships is what has enabled the company to continue developing its product lines, expand the business, and maintain its market share.
“We continue to value our close personal connections with customers and associates around the world,” says Depooter. “We’re offering modular design principles, which give us the flexibility to custom-fit every assembly to suit the customer.”
Depooter says the engineering and support team is committed to giving customers the most productive and most cost-effective solution, from the factory to the farm.
“Our know-how design team constantly is expanding our range of Lambton-built components and accessories, to achieve the best delivery and costing for our customers,” he adds.

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