January 24, 2015

Mani Qian - Assistant president, Muyang

Since its formation in 1967, the Muyang Group has grown into a prestigious corporation, whose activities cover the whole process of feed manufacturing. From design and development to fabrication and installation of the machinery, Muyang has it covered. Over the years, the company has developed more 100 different series of feed and grain processing machines, which includes an impressive 600 different models.
Headquartered in the famous historical and cultural city of Yangzhou, China, Muyang currently has over 4000 employees, including 1000 technicians and engineers who work across all departments. As one of China's big three equipment suppliers, Muyang is now looking for its share of the international marketplace.
GFMT met up with Mani Qian, assistant president of Muyang at the IPPE show in Atlanta, USA where his company was promoting its range of feed manufacturing equipment. Mani Qian is a dynamic and forthright individual. When you meet him he captures your attention with his ideas and enthusiasm for all things milling.

What makes Muyang special?

Animal feeding and aquafeed processing are very different. For aquafeed we are number one when supplying integrated systems for aquafeed manufacture. From fine or micro pellets to extrusion for shrimp and floating fish feeds we are recognised, even for slow-sinking fish feeds. We also provide reliable, stable vacuum coating and dryers. In summary we are recognised for being reliable and flexible.

Do you supply your customers with more than just equipment?

Yes, we take the farmer from start to finish, from sales through control to after sales service including nutritional backup. We do all the civil work, the design concept, wear housing, building authority work - the complete integrated package. We are the only ones able to supply all the equipment for aquafeed production. This is our selling point - being reliable and flexible.

How do you support sales in many countries?

We have 50 sales networks worldwide. Our marketing share for 90 percent of CP Group (Aquafeeds) is made by Muyang machinery. We also service the biggest aquafeed producer in Latin America (GISIS). We also have over 90 percent of the market share in aqua feeds. Our focus is on Latin America and Russia and BRICKS and N11 countries. In Asia we are already over 90 percent of the market in aquafeeds and that’s a peak, so we are now focusing on Latin America in particular - Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. We are looking towards Chile as it has great potential for us in terms of salmon feeds. We are also working for the Honduras Aquafeed Company and with extruded pet foods for Industrias Bachoco Mexico.

However, Muyang is more than just aquafeed equipment. What makes Muyang special in animal feeds?

What separates us from others is the advantage we have in being more experienced in turnkey projects. We can start with bare land and complete the finished product. In animal feeds we have a new philosophy: ‘from farmers to fork’. It means we make machines for harvest machinery, silo storage, feedmills, rice milling and after that chicken farming equipment, slaughter houses, food processing equipment through to packaging, etc, and even oil pressing, extraction and refining.
We are very diverse and in the food processing for human foods we supply equipment for meat processing and even equipment for the alcohol industry. This is all through the food chain. We make all the relations work within the food chain from special orders and specific requirements all according to the customer's needs. That's why we have to be flexible.

How has this approach impacted your company's performance?

In 2012 we reached US$1000 million turnover with exports accounting for US$300 million. That was up by 20 percent for the whole group, but for exports specifically, we were up by 54 percent.

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