January 30, 2015

30/01/2015: Three weeks to go until GEAPS 2015

Here are some important exhibitor notes regarding the upcoming Exchange. The following contains a lot of important and useful information for you as you prepare to exhibit at Exchange 2015. You are receiving this information because you are our exhibitor contact for Exchange 2015. However, please forward this email to anyone in your company who would benefit from having this information.
REGISTER your booth workers if you haven‘t already.

To register, you need to complete a form or register online. You are not automatically registered when you contract to exhibit. There are two ways to register:

Fill out a registration form and email or fax it back to the GEAPS office.

Or, follow this link to register online.
Register as an Exhibitor
Find your Company-Booth Number in the pull-down menu.
If you are a GEAPS member you will register as a member and will need to type in your email address.
If you are not a GEAPS member, check the “non-member” box. There is not a cost difference for registering as a non-member.
About Exhibitor Registrations
Each Company receives two complimentary Exhibitor Registrations per 10'x10' booth. Additional registrations can be purchased at the special rate of $ $335/person until the end of pre-registration. (Cost goes up to $365 on-site.)
The Exhibitor Registration option will get you into the Expo and any educational sessions for all three days.
The Get-Acquainted Party and President’s Banquet are NOT included but can be purchased à la carte.
Exhibitor Kit!

Order by Feb. 2 to get the best rates!
Go to this Hargrove link to order furnishings for you booth. Please view the facility specifications for the Main hall and Annex below.

Show Name: GEAPS
Show Code: 5031738
Facility Specifications

America’s Center
701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101

Expo Halls: Halls 1-3 – Main Hall, 100 Complex – Annex
Ceiling Height
Main Hall: 35’ to the air wall tracks and 40’ to the steel truss. If you’d like to know if your booth space is below the air wall tracks, please contact conferences@geaps.com.
Annex: 13’ 11”

Floor Limits
Main Hall: 350#/sq. ft.
Annex: 200#/sq. ft.
The Annex is carpeted, but a floor cover will be required under large pieces of equipment. Motorized forklifts are not allowed in the Annex, but hand carts are acceptable. If it will take more than a hand cart to transport your materials to your booth in the Annex, please contact Hargrove at (301) 306-4627 or exhibitorservices@hargroveinc.com and they will help arrange an acceptable method of transport.


Expo 2015 Hours - click HERE

Who gets in the Expo Halls?

An Exchange 2015 attendee badge is necessary for entering the exhibit halls during the Exchange. During set-up/tear-down times, either a badge or a sticker will get you past security. Set-up/Tear-down stickers can be obtained from the Exchange Registration Center. For safety and security we ask that only Exchange exhibitors and their full-time employees enter the exhibit halls during set-up and tear-down. Only exhibit staff can enter the halls during non-Expo hours and must have a name badge to enter. Minor children under the age of 17 will not be charged for a registration. However, they still must have a name badge to enter the halls or any other Exchange event.
Make Sure Your Booth Complies with the Exhibit Design Rules

There are rules showing you acceptable parameters for showcases, products for display, and ceiling-suspended signs. Check your display plans against the Exhibit Design Rules found here.  If you have questions regarding the rules, please feel free to contact Adrianne at adrianne@geaps.com. Also, if you are not sure if your display plans conform to the rules, please send a diagram via email, and we can let you know ahead of time if adjustments will need to be made.

Non-conforming exhibits/exhibit displays that have not been reconfigured into conformance or removed at least 2 hours prior to the exposition opening to delegates will be at that time by the Exchange general services contractor at the contractor’s discretion in consultation with the Exchange Exhibitor Services On-Site Committee, and at the exhibitor’s expense. Additionally, the exhibitor will also forfeit their “priority list” position [lose all accumulated priority credit to date].

Design Rule Specific to End-Cap Booths
If your booths are situated “horizontally” on the floor plan — perpendicular to the numbered, vertical aisles, you need to take special care not to block the view of other exhibits that share an “island” of the floor plan with you.  Your 8’ tall showcase or back drape must be no wider than 10’, and must be centered on the 20’ back boundary of your exhibit space to allow a view past your display on both the left and right.

Exhibit display design policy is a supplement to the “Rules of the Exhibitor Contract” and will be strictly enforced by GEAPS [show management] and the Exchange general services contractor [Hargrove]. Exhibit displays that do not conform to this policy will not be permitted. Exhibits/exhibit displays determined to be out of conformance with this policy must be reconfigured into compliance or dismantled and removed.

Drop your side rails — if you choose. Corner booths or end caps are not required to keep the 3’ side rail drape up for the duration of the show. Simply unhook it and leave it in the aisle on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. The Hargrove crew will pick them up.
Union Labor Rules

Be sure to review your St. Louis Union Labor rules located in the online exhibitor kit. If you have questions regarding what you can and cannot do, please contact our General Services Contractor, Hargrove Inc. They will walk you through the process. Contact: Hargrove Customer Service at (301) 306-4627 or exhibitorservices@hargroveinc.com.
Lead Retrieval Scanner Pick Up

If you order a scanner from CTE you can pick it up at the CTE counter. CTE will be located in the Hargrove service area inside the main Expo hall.
Show Ready at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday

Your display must be completely set and ready for attendees by 10:45 a.m. on Sunday morning. If, at 10:45, you have not arrived to set up, your booth space will be dressed as a lounge and you will not be allowed to set up until after show hours. If, at 10:45, you are not in your booth space but your freight is, Show Management will allow Hargrove labor to set your display at your expense.
Booth Numbers

Companies that have multiple contiguous 10’x10’ booths will be listed on the Exhibitor Directory and floor stickers with the numerically lowest booth number.
Booth Sales for Exchange 2016
Booth sales begin on Saturday, Feb. 21 at noon. Information including the Priority List, booth sales appointment schedule, exhibit space contract, floor plan and material handling rates will be emailed to you in early February.  These documents will also be available onsite at the Booth Sales desk.

Events You Don’t Want To Miss

The Get Acquainted Party will take place on Saturday night in the Renaissance Grand Hotel in the Majestic Ballroom. This event is not part of the Exhibitor Registration packet and you need to purchase a ticket to attend. The theme is centered on St. Louis blues and jazz. A full dinner buffet will be provided with drink tickets and a ton of GEAPerS.

Lunch On Us! On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, a buffet lunch will be provided in the Expo. Are you a Lunch Sponsor? These companies are: 4B Components Ltd; Applied Power Products; Airlanco (AGI); AllState Tower Inc; B&E Construction Inc; BarnesCo Inc; Behlen Mfg Co; Brock Grain Systems; Buresh Building Systems Inc; Calbrandt; Cargill Inc; Chief Agri-Industrial Div; Cleveland Vibrator Co; Comco Mfg.; Control Stuff Inc; Degesch America Inc; Excelsior Construction Inc; Hoffmann Inc; Kice Industries Inc; Larson Engineering Inc; Leland Industries Inc; Louis Dreyfus Commodities; Magik Kleener Sales Inc; MFS/York/Stormor/Brownie Systems; Pepper Maintenance; PMI LLC; RNC Co Inc; Safe-Grain/Maxi-Tronic Inc; Schlagel Inc; Seedburo Equipment Co; Schumacher Elevator Co; Sidney Mfg Co; Specialty Industries Inc; Structural Restoration Inc; Sudenga Industries Inc; Sukup Mfg Co; Tapco Inc; TE Ibberson Company; The Essmueller Co; Trackmobile Inc; Tramco (AGI); Union Iron (AGI); VAA LLC; Viterra Inc; West Side Salvage; Westeel; Younglove Construction LLC.

*Want to join them? Contact Brittany at brittany@geaps.com or (952) 928-4640.

Welcome Reception will be held in the Expo on Sunday night from 4:30-6 p.m. All registered delegates are invited to participate. Delicious snacks and beverages will be available.

Again this year after the President’s Banquet, a ticketed event that can be purchased à la carte, is a dessert party that is open to ALL GEAPS Exchange registrants. Club GEAPS will be held in Renaissance Grand Majestic Ballroom. Stop by Club GEAPS and enjoy a cocktail at the cash bar and some complimentary desserts. Best of all, this club will be full of GEAPerS with whom you can mix, mingle and network. Club GEAPS is open 8:30-11:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Associates Annual Meeting, Monday Feb. 23, 7-9:30 a.m., convention center room 242. Associate members and non-member exhibitors are welcome to attend this business meeting of industry product and service suppliers.

Education Sessions — Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Access to the sessions is included in your registration and the Expo is not open to attendees during this time, so it’s a perfect opportunity to enhance your industry knowledge.
Complimentary Exchange 2015 Pre or Post Show Registration List

As an Exchange 2015 exhibitor, you are entitled to a complimentary pre or post show registration list. Simply complete the form in the online exhibitor kit and fax or email it to CTE, GEAPS' registration company. They will email you an Excel File of registrants.
Expo Coupons for your Customers

This year, an email was sent to you in December containing a coupon code that can be given out to customers for one day Expo-only discount registrations.  Please contact conferences@geaps.com if you would like your coupon code resent to you.  This is a great way to invite your customers to come see you at the Exchange!
The GEAPS Expo Team

We're happy to help you prepare for Exchange 2015.

Contact Brittany Flight or Caitlin Carlson with questions about your 2015 exhibit space reservation, payment, complimentary Expo coupons for your customers, etc. They will also be assisting you with your appointment time for making 2016 exhibit space reservations. Contact Brittany or Caitlin at (952) 928-4640 or conferences@geaps.com.

Contact Adrianne Fjerstad-Miller with questions about expo services and activities, contractors or policies.  Adrianne manages the exposition, and will guide you to any special assistance you need to coordinate your exhibit. Contact Adrianne at (952) 928-4640 or adrianne@geaps.com.

Read more HERE.

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