January 30, 2015

30/01/2015: FEFAC publishes its 2013 'Feed & Food' Statistical Yearbook

The European Feed Manufacturers Federation has just released its 'Feed & Food' Statistical Yearbook for 2013.

Data collected for 2013 puts the value of livestock production - amounting to €169.5 billion - at 41 percent of the overall EU-28 agricultural output amounting to €415.5 billion in 2013.


Animal feedingstuffs, including feed materials and compound feeds, are the main input into livestock production. Within the EU-28, about 477 million tonnes of feedingstuffs are consumed by livestock each year. Out of this quantity, 233
million tonnes mostly are roughages grown and used on the farm of origin. The balance, i.e. 244 million tonnes of feed, includes cereals grown and used on the farm of origin (51 million tonnes ) and feed purchased by livestock producers to supplement their own feed resources (either feed materials or compound feed).

In 2013, 154
million tonnes of compound feed were produced by EU compounders, accounting for 80 percent of all purchased feedingstuffs.

The value of all feedingstuffs used by EU livestock producers including forages produced on the farm is estimated at €94.5 billion in 2013. This accounts for 38 percent of all inputs and 56
percent of the turnover in livestock production.

Purchases of compound feed amounted, in 2012, to €55 billion.

The Yearbook can be downloaded HERE.

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