June 05, 2013

05/06/2013: Maggots with supermarket meat; 'orphan crop' could save millions of lives; former cyclist now maize mill mogul

A new EU plan to feed animals with protein-rich maggots which have been reared on cow and pig excrement is currently being trialled.

As soya beans (currently the primary protein source used in animal feed) are in such high demand, both farmers and scientists have been searching for cheaper alternatives.

The plan would see flies bred on an industrial scale using animal and vegetable waste, with the maggots then used for feed.

Millions of African lives could rest in the unlikely hands of a vegan hippy scientist.

Howard-Yana Shapiro, agriculture director of US confectionery corporations Mars, has already published the complete genome of the cacao tree and now plans to share the genetic makeup of crops with the public.

"The genetic information will be put on the web and offered free to plant breeders, seed companies and farmers on condition it is not patented." he said.

Felicien Munyamfura was one grassed up pedal cyclist earning Rwf1000 (US$1.54) per day until he decided to set up his own business.

After borrowing Rwf90 000 (US$138) from a friend, Munyamfura bought a sorghum crashing machine. Today, he is the only one who runs a maize mill in Kinigi Sector, Musanze District.

Maggots  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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