June 13, 2013

13/06/2013: GM pig feed troubles; G8 debating antibiotic resistance; Cargill's plan to feed the world

A new study has found that pigs fed a diet of genetically modified soy and corn are significantly more likely to suffer from stomach inflammation.

The study was led by Judy Carman, director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research in Australia. "Pigs have a similar digestive system to people, so we need to investigate if people are also getting digestive problems from eating (genetically modified) crops," said Carman.

Antibiotic resistance will top the agenda when science minister David Willetts meets his G8 colleagues in London.

The meeting, which will take place at the Royal Society, is the first conference of science ministers from the group of eight wealthiest nations in five years. It will provide an opportunity to discuss international issues that require global co-operation.

Greg Page, chief executive of Cargill Inc. has announced that in order to feed a world expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion people by 2050, optimal planting practices, stable local markets, free international trade and an sustainable agriculture in Africa must be carried out.

The head of Cargill, who outlined the four-pronged plan in a speech to the World Cocoa Foundation, said coordination would be vital to increase food production by 70 percent in the face of an exploding global citizenry.

The Royal Society in London
The Royal Society in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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