June 06, 2013

Adisseo introduces FeedSolutions web platform

Adisseo has introduced a new, innovative web-based communications platform FeedSolutions.Adisseo.com to offer nutritionists and livestock producers easy access to pertinent information. This platform shares timely information in several convenient and interesting ways including videos, technical articles, news releases, an interactive forum and an events calendar.

“Nutritionists and livestock producers have the most up-to-date, technical information about our product brands and the solutions they offer at their fingertips.  FeedSolutions.Adisseo.com, a dynamic and interactive platform, teaches customers the best uses for our products and how to maximize the benefits to their operations in a user-friendly way,” says Frank Chmitelin, Adisseo vice president of worldwide sales.

Attractions at FeedSolutions.Adisseo.com include experts in animal nutrition who provide the latest scientific thinking on various key topics. An events calendar helps individuals plan in advance for industry events where they can meet with Adisseo staff.  Interactive and enriching discussions occur 24/7 through the online forum. Users of the Adisseo Precise Nutrition Evaluation (PNE), for instance, can explore best uses and first-hand benefits of the NIR service through the online forum.

More is planned for this inviting communications platform. “Adisseo will be constantly improving the platform to better serve its customers,” says Chmitelin, “We are seeing first-hand how Adisseo solutions are enhancing customer competitiveness.”

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