June 06, 2013

06/06/2013: US$475,000 to buy old grain elevator site; nutrition 'must be a global priority'; feeding waste to pigs

The former Cargill Pool Elevator on Fuhrman Boulevard looks like it will soon have a new owner.

During a morning auction conducted by Cash Realty & Auction, a winning bid of $475,000 was submitted by an anonymous investor.


"The Pig Idea" campaign, launched today as part of world environment day, hopes to re-introduce the practice of feeding waste to pigs.

Campaigners hope to share the benefits of feeding pigs surplus food and are  calling for a change in European law so farmers can return to feeding pigs waste in the long term.


According to an article published in the Lancet medical journal, malnutrition is responsible for 45% of the global deaths of children under the age of five.

Researchers warn that countries will not break out of poverty unless nutrition becomes a global priority.


English: Pigs ready for feeding All these pigs...
English: Pigs ready for feeding. Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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