June 19, 2013

19/06/2013: Harper Adams University wins prize for pie; Nutraferma launches peptide protein; EFFPA sweets to feed

Harper Adams University team scoops the gold prize at the inaugural Ecotrophelia UK student innovation awards with their Hearty Meal.
The More than Meat Pies team from Harper Adams University has been awarded gold prize at the Ecotrophelia UK 2013 for their product, Hearty Meal, a ready meal offal pie. Along with a £2,000 cash prize, the team will receive a one-year IFST membership and a number of Elsevier food science publications.

Nutraferma has launched UltraPro+, a high- quality functional protein ingredient for piglet diets. Rich in balanced peptides from animal proteins and fermented soy.

In two separate university trials, piglets fed diets containing UltraPro+ had significantly improved average daily gain and feed efficiency compared to piglets fed the other test ingredients. 

The European Former Foodstuff Processors Association (EFFPA) has been set up with the aim of promoting the use of food left over from the manufacturing process to make feed for animals.

Many former foodstuffs, including biscuits, crisps and confectionery can be converted into high quality ingredients for use in animal feed, avoiding waste from food that is not destined for human consumption.

Sow with piglet 1
Sow with piglet 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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