June 24, 2013

24/06/2013: Biotech scientists world food prize; new phosphite formulation; French farmers animal feed protest

Three pioneers of plant biotechnology have been awarded the World Food Prize for their genetically modified crop work.

The World Food Prize Foundation, a private nonprofit foundation, refused to shy away from the controversy surrounding genetically modified crops that organic food advocates say are harmful to people and the environment.  

Omex has launched its new phosphite formulation Trigger, which claims to give an establishment and rooting boost to cereals and oilseed rape crops.

Applied from growth stage 14 in cereals and two to four true leaves in oilseed rape, the product has been independently proven to increase root weight, the group said.

A square in central Paris was turned into a farm yard when farmers brought along sheep, horses and cows in protest against the price of animal feed. 

Farmer groups say their incomes have been slashed due to the hike in costs which they are unable to pass onto food manufacturers.
English: A Field of Oilseed Rape. The bright y...
English: A Field of Oilseed Rape. The bright yellow flowers of Oilseed Rape have become a common sight in arable areas in the spring. As well as providing vegetable oil, this crop makes a good 'break crop', improving the soil for wheat or barley in the following years. Oilseed Rape cannot be grown frequently in any field due to the build up of diseases in the soil. This may change however if farmers are allowed to plant disease resistant genetically engineered crops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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