June 11, 2013

11/06/2013: $250 million on grain silos; Sorghum re-vamp; Mexico protests Monsanto

Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian president said that her administration plans to invest around $250 million in grain silos to address what has become a major problem for the country’s vital agricultural sector.

Brazil expects a record grain harvest of 185.9 million tons this year, but its storage capacity is only around 140 million tons. “We will expand the capacity to warehouse our production,” Rousseff said.  

Nuseed has released a new line of sorghum bred specifically for human consumption.  

Sorghum is widely used as a staple food in east Africa and parts of the subcontinent, but in the developed world it is mainly valued for its use as feedstock.

However, in terms of nutrition, Nuseed said sorghum compares favourably to other grain types providing similar amounts of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

On May 25 2013, an estimated two million people across fifty countries participated in the global 'March Against Monsanto'.

Mexico City was host to the 'Carnival of Corn', a celebration of Mexico’s rich diversity of native corn, threatened by Monsanto’s plans to introduce a genetically modified variety of the crop. 

English: Agriculture in Campos Novos, State of...
English: Agriculture in Campos Novos, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil Português (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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