June 26, 2013

26/06/2013: Sheep limb found in feed; climate-proof crops; feedipedia

A New Zealand farmer has reported finding a limb in an imported shipment of palm kernel expeller.

"The farm where the limb was found has sheep, home kill is undertaken, the maggots found on the limb were a species of blowfly found in New Zealand, and most of the PKE supplied goes through a 4mm filter," explained Andrew Coleman, compliance and response deputy director-general. 

An advanced facility to help speed up development and selection of crop varieties is being set up at the Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA). 

The facility is being set up under the National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) to study climate change impacts in crops. 

Three French agriculture companies have collaborated with FAO to produce Feedipedia, a world-wide information source for animal feed. 

The project covers feeds mainly available in tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean regions but also includes common feeds used in temperate countries.

Full wool Merino sheep.
Full wool Merino sheep. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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