June 07, 2013

07/06/2013: Delayed payment for grain imports; Fefac elects new president; Nematodes fight against corn rootworm

Egypt, the world’s biggest importer of wheat has asked France for permission to delay paying for grain purchases for nine to twelve months after loading, according to a group representing French cereal growers. 

Egypt uses the wheat to make subsidized bread that helps feed the Arab world’s largest populace.

The FEFAC General Assembly has elected a new president and welcomed two new full members.

Ruud Tijssens, new president of FEFAC also takes over the role of director of corporate affairs in Agrifirm Group, based in The Netherlands. Tijssens succeeds to Patrick Vanden Avenne, who has been FEFAC’s president since 2010. 

Nematodes have shown promise as biological control agents in the fight against the western corn rootworm, whose larval stage is a costly pest of corn in the United States and Europe. 

But current spray methods used to apply the beneficial nematodes can be labor-intensive and water-consuming.

Western corn rootworm
Western corn rootworm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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