June 17, 2013

17/06/2013: India can't stock food grains for more than a month; new grain analyser; monsoon boosts crop hopes

A recent report by the Committee on Public Undertakings, headed by Congress’s Jagdambika Pal, of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) reports on the assessment of food grain management across the India.

The report highlights the states’ lack of capability to manage operational stock of food grains - a majority of which is wasted due to insufficient storage facilities. Out of 31 states and Union territories (UTs), the report says only eight of them have storage facilities available for 120 days. 

Australia's CBH Group is piloting a new grain analysis machine that aims to take the human error out of visual assessments of wheat and barley.

The automated sampling system, EyeFoss has been eight years in the making and is now at a stage where it can be used as a grading tool to remove the subjectivity of quality tests.

Monsoon rains have covered India, increasing the prospects for a bumper output for summer-sown crops such as rice, oilseeds and cotton.

The rains usually cover all of India by mid-July, but this year it happened on June 16, said a senior official at the India Meteorological Department.

English: Monsoon in south india
English: Monsoon in south india (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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