June 05, 2013

High altitude testing for packaged dry goods

Versaperm is launching a new version of its HASS (High Altitude Shipping Simulator) into the UK and European marketplaces; it fully complies with all relevant European standards and is now CE marked.

The HASS simulates shipping boxes of dry packaged goods, such as cereals, at high altitudes. It gives the controller very flexible options - including the simulated height, the number of high peaks the goods need to fly over, the ramp speed (or rate), and time at the peak. Results can be fed into a QC system to produce statistical results which allow the manufacturer to spot the first signs of any trends or problems and thus take preventative measures.

Many types of product packaging are liable to burst or leak and thus fail at air-transport elevations and this makes the product unsalable, and potentially even harmful. The new HASS controller monitors and controls both the vacuum level and rate of change of the vacuum during simulating precise flight conditions.

The system then takes the packaged product through each cycle in sequence, before eventually reducing the pressure back to "ground level".

The unit's control system supports testing on up to 200 altitude profiles without reprogramming, each with its own set of configured set points.

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