January 09, 2015

09/01/2015: Foundation seeds of new rice variety ready

“Anna (R) 4”, a new drought-resistant paddy variety developed and released by Parakamudi-based Agriculture Research Station a couple of years ago, is all set to receive certified seed tag as the Seed Certification Department has successfully developed foundation seeds of the variety, The Hindu reports.

After scientists at the research station developed nuclear seeds of the high-yielding short-duration crop which is best suited for drought-prone Ramanathapuram district, the variety was raised in breeder seed farms last year, and developed as foundation seeds this year and linked in the seed chain.

“It has crossed crucial phases to be raised as foundation seed and it will be raised on about 100 hectares next year to be tagged as certified seeds,” said Assistant Director of Seed Certification SS Shaiek Abdullah.

P Ramakrishnan, a progressive farmer, raised the foundation seeds on two acres at his farm in N Valayanendal in Paramakudi block under the supervision of Seed Certification Department officials.

Mr Abdullah said the department would procure the entire quantity of paddy (seeds) – about five tonnes. After standardisation, the seeds would be distributed to farmers as foundation seeds during 2015-16 for producing certified seeds, he said.

“Anna (R) 4 is a white, long, slender rice, weighing 25.7 grams per 1000 grains. It is expected to do well in the market,” Mr Abdullah said.

It would become an alternative to the existing short-duration (105 days) crops such as IR 36 and ADT 36, which were released in 1982.

Besides, farmers are cultivating superfine paddy varieties NLR 34449 and BPT 5404 in Tiruvadanai and RS Mangalam blocks, he added.

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