January 04, 2016

04/01/2016: Compositionally, oats are gluten free

Image: B.G.Z. Olsen
"Compositionally, oats are free of gluten," claims Chris Green of Oat Innovations. 

Speaking at the recent Oats 2020 conference held in Birmingham, England, he said that "consumers are being misled by the precautionary labelling of food manufacturers."

"Being free from gluten means that oats are safe to use for the vast majority of those suffering from coeliac disease albeit some consumers have a sensitivity to the protein fraction avenin contained in oats."

The problem arises, he said, where oat based products are at risk of being contaminated by gluten containing cereals such as wheat, barley or rye. Food manufacturers adopt a precautionary approach rather than a technical one he claims. Chris calls upon companies to review their approach and to consider treating gluten in the same manner as they adopt for the labelling of nut contamination.

“Inferring that oats contain gluten is tantamount to defamation,” he added.

With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, Chris says that oats should form the basis of a daily diet; indeed, "oats could be regarded as a food for all," and this is his mission in forming Oat Innovations: to bring forward new oat-based products and to investigate their role in humanitarian food aid programmes. 

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