January 14, 2016

14/01/2016: Professionals learn grain storage principles: IGP Institute hosts semi-annual Grain Elevator Managers course.

Grain elevator managers from across the US gathered at Kansas State University’s IGP Institute Conference Centre on January 4-8, 2016 for the Grain Elevator Managers course.  
“The purpose of this course is to supply grain-management information that is not available elsewhere and cannot be learned by on-the-job experiences, information that helps grain managers correctly interpret their experiences so they can avoid errors and become more efficient,” says Carl Reed, course coordinator and IGP Institute grain storage specialist emeritus. 
Carl Reed, IGP Institute grain storage specialist explains aeration principles and hardware to the Grain Elevator Managers course participants
Course participant, Mark Eisler, business development manager of Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers, Inc in Richmond, Missouri and course participant says that he will leave IGP with several tools that he will be applying in his workplace. 

“I’ve been in the grain industry for several years, but I’ve always been involved more on the business side and not so involved on the operational side,” Eisler says.

“I’ve discovered a few things already that I am going to start asking our location managers about.”

The practical course covered topics such as personnel management, grain quality characteristics and grading, psychometrics related to aeration, operations costs, equipment handling, inventory management, grain receiving and shipping, grain monitoring and fumigation. 
Participants in the Grain Elevator Managers course work through grain fumigation exercises
This is just one example of the trainings offered through the IGP Institute. In addition to feed manufacturing and grain quality management, the institute offers courses in the areas of flour milling and grain processing, and grain marketing and risk management.  

For more information, visit the IGP Institute website HERE. 

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