January 20, 2016

20/01/2016: Meet RiceBran Technologies at IPPE Atlanta, January 26 - 28, 2016

Scientists, development experts, and salespeople from RiceBran Technologies™, the developer of the proprietary and patented processes to stabilise raw rice bran that is at the foundation of NutraCea Rice Bran Feed, will exhibit their high-end feed products at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia from January 26th to the 28th of 2016. (Booth #A2626).

For over 10 years, RiceBran Technologies has been the leading supplier of feed ingredients based on its rice bran ingredients. With distribution channels throughout the U.S., along with Europe and the Middle East, the company’s NutraCea ingredients are widely available for integration into high-end animal formulations. Animal nutrition does not have to be complicated. RiceBran Technologies is dedicated to bringing common sense to the art and science of feeding animals.

NutraCea Rice Bran Feed Ingredient is an all-natural, extremely stable, highly nutritious, highly digestible and a very palatable plant-based energy source. NutraCea Rice Bran Feed Ingredient is rich in antioxidants, provides dietary fibre for hindgut function and volatile fatty acid production, and provides vitamins E and B, as well as phytonutrients including gamma-oryzanol and phytosterols.
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Of the four major crops that feed the world (corn, soy, wheat and rice), rice is the only major crop that is gluten free and not genetically modified. Rice is the primary source of nutrition for three billion people worldwide. A rice kernel consists of a thin outer hull, the nutritious bran and germ layer and then the inner white rice kernel. The layer of rice bran and rice germ is where most of the nutrients reside.

However, rice bran is inherently unstable. RiceBran Technologies stabilises raw rice bran immediately after white rice is milled.  The stabilised rice bran is then converted into a range of rice bran based ingredients and derivatives. Rice bran is the perfect 'clean label' ingredient. It is non-GMO, all natural, minimally processed, gluten free, soy free, low glycemic, and an excellent source of vegetarian/vegan macronutrients including plant-based protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre and healthy fats.

RiceBran Technologies’ 'clean label' rice bran ingredients are sustainable and meet the growing consumer and industry demand for healthy, natural ingredients.  RiceBran Technologies is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and operates manufacturing plants in Montana, California, Louisiana, Texas and Brazil.
To book a meeting with RIBT at IPPE, contact: Jackie Herskovitz Russell, jackie@teakmedia.com, 617-269-7171.
Visit the RiceBran Technologies site HERE

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