January 07, 2016

07/01/2016: The GM debate and Breed Preservation

by Chris Jackson, Export Manager UK TAG
First published in Milling and Grain, October 2015

I feel that I am a very privileged person travelling a lot and seeing our agricultural industry from many perspectives, from business farming through to family farming and subsistence farming; all of which play a very important role in our ability to feed the world and all of which need different levels of input.

This week the GM argument has come to the fore again. I am no scientific expert but I do wish those who publish views on this matter would understand the need to continually develop technologies to improve production and increase outputs and maintain farmers livelihoods, basing their arguments on proven science rather than opinions that arguably do not stand up to modern scientific scrutiny.

As a livestock breeder and farmer in the UK and with farming interests in Australia, I would like to ask people if they have ever stopped to consider that without continued crop and stock development over the ages, successfully achieved over a very long time our world would be very short of food. Now thanks to modern science we are able to develop breeds much more quickly and have them commercialised for the benefit of all.     

Read the full article in Milling and Grain HERE.

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