January 14, 2016

14/01/2016: Integrity across the ‘farm to fork’ chain


by D V R Rajiv Mohan, Vice President – Commodities, ITC Limited – Agri Business Division, Hyderabad, India

First published in Milling and Grain, October 2015

The ‘Farm to Fork’ chain, encompassing production, harvesting, storage, processing, packaging and sales, has seen emphasis shifting from efficiencies and effectiveness to a plethora of areas like hygiene, food safety and sustainability. From being features of exclusivity in the food economy, these aspects have now become the basic requirements.

The global milling conference addressing grain production and distribution, food quality and processing while protecting the environment, aptly covered these areas which are extremely relevant given the current dynamics on both the supply and demand sides for the milling industry in India, further accentuated by the recent food hygiene and regulation related issues.

As regards to quality and environment, the ‘Farm to Fork’ chain is beset with a host of complexities. Gone are the days when a fist full of grain verified for colour and odour sufficed the millers’ requirement and a bite with the teeth gave an indication of the moisture, today we have to contend with a host of contaminants – pesticides residues, heavy metals, dyes and additives and so on.

On the environment front, pollution and contamination problems apart from energy related issues are to be addressed. How do we cope with this situation? Who takes the responsibility and what are the solutions?   

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